• While walk-ins are welcome, it is preferable to set up an appointment. Our cats/kittens are at the Shelter as well as in Foster. Please contact Barb at 412-334-0924 – by phone or text to do so.
  • It is beneficial to complete an application upfront that you can be approved to adopt. This helps to expedite the process. Indicate on the fillable application the name of the cat/kitten if you have one in mind.
  • Email the application to Barb Brown – Cat Coordinator – at
  • References are contacted and if you have an existing pet, the Vet is contacted as well.
  • Application turn-around is usually one day unless it is a weekend.
  • You will be contacted by phone or text.
  • Photos of available cats/kittens can be obtained on our website as well as our Facebook page.
  • Contact Barb at 412-334-0924 with any specific questions or for additional photos/questions of available cats/kittens. Texting is the best option.
  • Once the application is approved a meet and greet is set up to determine if the cat/kitten is a fit for you. If not, additional meet and greets can be set up.
  • If the cat/kitten is the right fit for you , you can adopt at the meet and greet or set up another date for the adoption.
  • You will need to bring a carrier with you.
  • At the adoption, the foster mom or Barb will review the medical paperwork with you and you will be given the originals.
  • Payment is required at adoption and is S cash or check for both cats/kittens.
  • An adoption picture will be taken at that time and posted on our Facebook page with your consent.


  • We adopt our cats/kittens to be indoor only.
  • We adopt kittens at 3 months or older after they are fixed and updated on shots. Cats are also fixed and updated on shots prior to adoption.
  • We do not approve of declawing and will not adopt to someone who will do so.
  • Cats need to slowly be introduced to the new home and other pets. This process will be reviewed with you at adoption.
  • Please contact Barb for any behavioral issues or introduction issues. We can help troubleshoot and will come to your home if needed to offer ideas.
  • If the cat/kitten does not work out, our policy is to take the cat back.
  • Please contact Barb if your cat gets out of your home and becomes missing. We can provide support to you.

Bailey’s Cat Haven – A Heavenly “Hang Out” for Felines 

Thanks to many generous donations, and the dedicated work of our volunteers, the Angel Ridge cats have successfully moved into their state-of-the-art new home.

November 5, 2023 was the open house and grand opening of the new Bailey’s Cat Haven, located at 2650 Brownsville Rd. South Park PA. What makes the new Bailey’s so special, you may ask? It is a fun and cozy “almost home” for our adult cats while they wait for their new families to meet them and take them to their “forever home”.  Bailey’s meets the needs of cats in all situations.

A quarantine room has been established for very young kittens, who are expected to be there about two weeks for observation, and if necessary, veterinary treatment prior to going into a foster home. Adult cats in need of isolation and veterinary treatment will use the room, too.

Two of the rooms on the 1st floor have large multi-level enclosures complete with enrichment toys inside. Cats can be there by themselves or paired with a “buddy” cat. You will not find small cages here. There are multiple openings to the enclosure which can be accessed by socializing volunteers to interact more closely with the cats that are scared and untrusting.   

The transition room houses cats in individual large enclosures and they have access to cat trees or cubby spaces. The cats in this room need individual attention and so are worked with out of their enclosures. There is room in this space to focus on behavioral and trust issues. The cats in the transition room can begin to roam together when they are comfortable in doing so.

The free roaming room allows the resident cats to stay in their open cages or to explore the room and engage with other cats. There are many fun things to do and climbing opportunities throughout the room. They can interact freely with the volunteers and one another.

The meet and greet room, sponsored by the estate of Ed Fitzgerald, allows adopters and their selected cats to get to know one another in a comfortable setting. Visitors may also make this room the first stop on their journey through the building. One lucky cat is selected to be the official greeter and resides in the meet and greet room.

Visiting hours are 12 to 3:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Appointments are available during the week. Volunteers are always needed. Contact Cat Care Coordinator, Barb Brown at for more information.