• While walk-ins are welcome, it is preferable to set up an appointment. Our cats/kittens are at the Shelter as well as in Foster. Please contact Barb at 412-334-0924 – by phone or text to do so.
  • It is beneficial to complete an application upfront that you can be approved to adopt. This helps to expedite the process. Indicate on the fillable application the name of the cat/kitten if you have one in mind.
  • Email the application to Barb Brown – Cat Coordinator – at
  • References are contacted and if you have an existing pet, the Vet is contacted as well.
  • Application turn-around is usually one day unless it is a weekend.
  • You will be contacted by phone or text.
  • Photos of available cats/kittens can be obtained on our website as well as our Facebook page.
  • Contact Barb at 412-334-0924 with any specific questions or for additional photos/questions of available cats/kittens. Texting is the best option.
  • Once the application is approved a meet and greet is set up to determine if the cat/kitten is a fit for you. If not, additional meet and greets can be set up.
  • If the cat/kitten is the right fit for you , you can adopt at the meet and greet or set up another date for the adoption.
  • You will need to bring a carrier with you.
  • At the adoption, the foster mom or Barb will review the medical paperwork with you and you will be given the originals.
  • Payment is required at adoption and is S cash or check for both cats/kittens.
  • An adoption picture will be taken at that time and posted on our Facebook page with your consent.


  • We adopt our cats/kittens to be indoor only.
  • We adopt kittens at 3 months or older after they are fixed and updated on shots. Cats are also fixed and updated on shots prior to adoption.
  • We do not approve of declawing and will not adopt to someone who will do so.
  • Cats need to slowly be introduced to the new home and other pets. This process will be reviewed with you at adoption.
  • Please contact Barb for any behavioral issues or introduction issues. We can help troubleshoot and will come to your home if needed to offer ideas.
  • If the cat/kitten does not work out, our policy is to take the cat back.
  • Please contact Barb if your cat gets out of your home and becomes missing. We can provide support to you.