Steps to Becoming a Dog Volunteer

1. All persons considering becoming a volunteer at ARAR must first complete a volunteer application. The volunteer application contains the volunteer agreement and waiver which must be signed. A parent or guardian must also sign the volunteer agreement for eligibility to volunteer minors.

2. The Volunteer Application is reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator or and an appointment is made to meet with the new volunteer. At this meeting, the new volunteer will get an overview of volunteer opportunities and the Dog Walking Rules and Regulations of Angel Ridge Animal Rescue.

3. Most volunteers are interested in dog walking. Experienced volunteers will mentor the new volunteer during the first several times that he or she is walking a dog. When the mentor feels that the new volunteer is ready to walk a dog unassisted, they will be advised. Prior to the dog walking, check the white board and review the color-coding system for the walking difficulty level of the particular dog. Difficulties in walking will be reviewed and special characteristic of the dogs will be reviewed. For example, some dogs are not friendly to other dogs and must be kept at a safe distance from other dogs. Based upon the number of difficulties demonstrated by the new volunteer  a tentative schedule for future dog walking will be established.

4. All volunteers must sign in and out of the Volunteer Attendance Log in the Kennel Building. Volunteers wishing to volunteer after the shelter closes at 5 p.m. must get prior approval from the Executive Director.

5. Volunteers must immediately report any problems encountered while volunteering to the Volunteer Coordinator or Shelter Manager, these problems include but are not limited to bites, aggressive behavior, a dog getting loose, a dog seeming to be ill and any problems with other volunteers.

6. All volunteers must sign a copy of the Angel  Ridge Animal Rescue Rules and Regulations at the orientation meeting. The Volunteer Coordinator can answer any questions with respect to the rules and regulations.


Steps to Becoming a Cat Volunteer

Our volunteers provide daily cat care to our cats and kittens. They also play and interact with them, getting them ready to go to their forever home.


Grooming, Dog Walking and Valuable One-on-One Time

Grab a brush and leash and make an angel feel like they are so very special by giving your time and love to them. At ARAR, there are 50 acres and several areas for walking and playing together.

Offsite Adoption Helpers

This could be the day made in heaven when a family falls in love with the “angel” that you are showing for adoption at Petco or other places we visit. The people we meet often give us donations, too!

Help with Office Work

Volunteers are needed who can set up forms on the computer and input contributions and other information.

Newsletter Help

Our “Angel Pet Gazette” brings our angelic happenings to thousands of people. We need writers and contributors and those who can distribute copies of the newsletter to businesses in the community.

Adoption Helpers

Meet and greet the visitors to Angel Ridge, acquaint them with our angels, and be the special one who sends an angel home with their new loving new family.

Website and Facebook Page

Our website and Facebook Page tells our angelic tale to our entire country! This is where many of our happy endings begin. Website and Facebook Page maintenance is key to keeping our information current.

Fundraising and Special Events

Lots of Angel Ridge events and fun times are planned. Help Wanted!, organizers, ticket sellers, workers, cooks and bakers would be heaven sent. You won’t be disappointed and you are helping to raise needed funds for our animals.

Hitchin’ a Ride With You

We need drivers who can take our angels to vet and grooming appointments and off-site adoptions. Sometimes, we can use a hand picking up donated pet food.

Foster Homes

Loving foster homes are essential to our mission. An angel may need a quiet place to heal for a few weeks after surgery or one of our angels may need to experience the warm love of a family in order to become ready to be adopted into a permanent home. The kittens that we take into our rescue need the special care of a foster family. If you can, please call and tell us that you can be that special home when one of our angels is in need of one.