Bowie is a very special Angel Ridge Alumni who had been tossed over the fence @ AR farm, close to 3 yrs. ago. He was adopted February 18th, 2016. He has a great mom that is now one of our volunteers/poet/story writer and the perfect Bowie buddy. The Bowie has a favor to ask of each and all this year. Keep in your heart all of the forgotten animals, and hold their memories dear. For some never made it home and never had a family to love. This message came to me, but it really came from up above. It’s too late for some but so many still wait for their dream to come true. So many lonely angels waiting, it’s now up to you. Please open your heart to a shelter animal, and bring home one or two or maybe even seven. Please don’t turn away from us. We’re not ready to go to heaven.


It all began with Ralph a senior dog that I adopted from Angel Ridge in 2007. This was when I had just started to volunteer with Angel Ridge. I missed my boy that I had for over 14 yrs and decided I needed a new best friend. Ralph was a Chow Shepard mix and who became my companion. I had him for four years and I knew that if and when I would get another dog it would be another Chow Mix. Several months after I had to put Ralph to rest another Chow mix that was 5 months old came available thru Angel Ridge. His name was Cabela, a Chow Golden Retriever mix. He was stubborn and people selective but once he knew you, Cabela was your bestie. So much to say about him, amazing, handsome, gorgeous and so smart. We had a wonderful life together, he was my constant companion, my soul and my heart. I lost Cabela to cancer when he was 6 yrs old. A time and emptiness that I will never forget but he lives in my being everyday and was so lucky to have had him as my friend.


Dallas is a 12 yr old Bull Terrier who came to us in January 2016 from a bad situation. Dallas was @ AR for about six months and during that time his body and mind had time to heal and learn about going for daily walks, belly rubs and lots of love from our volunteers. Recently Dallas was adopted by a family that is very familiar with the Bull Terrier breed. A few comments from his new owners: As you can see, Dallas loves the outdoors ! He’s also learning to relax without a ball in his mouth. He will drop it in front of us now, so I guess he’s beginning to trust us. He’s also becoming interested in the wildlife, chasing a squirrel this morning and searching for a groundhog last night in a woodpile. He still follows us everywhere, which is nice, and enjoys laying in the grass or on the deck and just observing what’s going on around him. Dallas has recently stopped eating his feces too. A few sprinkles of meat tenderizer in his food may have helped with that. He is very well-behaved, and we are starting to use some basic commands with him, which he seems to be familiar with. All in all, we are extremely happy to have Dallas as part of our family.


Ms. Karen Davison’s poignant quote summarizes our Darla’s journey: “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” In only three month’s time, Darla has made the transformation from an abused and suffering dog to one that has found healing, love and happiness. For those of you who are not familiar with pit mix Darla, she came to Angel Ridge from an impoverished shelter in December with her ears brutally cut off, open sores around her neck, a malignant tumor and heartworm disease. This is a brief update and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported Darla’ s journey with financial contributions, needed supplies and prayers. Darla was adopted by Tim, and his daughter, Kaylee, a special needs child and also blind. Darla is now Kaylee‘s BFF and quite the support dog, sensing Kaylee‘s needs and moods and responding to help her. Darla has inched her way into Tim’s heart, too, and she is charming everyone that she meets. As a result, Tim has made many new friends, including the mail carrier, all of the customers at his barber shop, and people in all of the places that he visits with Darla. Darla has had her first heartworm injection. She will be tested soon to determine if she still has the disease. If she does, she will get another injection. Her tumor has been removed, and the sores on her body have healed. Darla is one amazing angel, an angel who can help the people in her life to heal and be happy. I believe that Darla has proven that Ms. Davison’s quote should go on to say: “And for the humans who love that dog, their world will change forever, too.”


This soon to be 3 yr. Old American Bulldog has had a sad past. Adopted from a breeder in Fla. moved to New York and then when an allergic reaction showed up, Drago was taken to the older in-laws in Belle Vernon, Pa. This poor boy had no idea what he had done so wrong to end up at a kennel in Washington, Pa. We had many interests in this handsome pure breed but it was hard to find a good fit. But Drago did find that family that was used to a bigger breed dog and he fit in very well with the family’s senior Poodle and young Yorkie. He is making up for all the shortcomings these past few years by visiting the family cabin in the Laurel Mtns. this past weekend having a ball in the snow. This will only be one of his many trips to the mountains. #love


Ralph’s Big Adventure! Pandemic isolation by February 2021 proved difficult living in a rustic cabin on a remote seven acre lake. I was lonely. My sons just graduated high school and have the whole world ahead of them. Five year old Ralph was posted online by Angel Ridge Rescue. A slow moving, somewhat aloof, obviously pampered, 80 pound (30 pounds overweight) Cattle Dog/Shepard Mix! His elderly owners had loved him, fed him well, and fell ill. They could no longer care for Ralph. He was described as independent and lacking manners. Quite true! The perfect stubborn but gentle companion – a worthy pupil – for a home bound, live alone college professor. I adopted Ralph immediately! Ralph came to his new home a nervous wreck. At first, he missed his prior owners very much. He truly longed for them. But activity outdoors, hiking around the lake, often on wilderness trails, his training began immediately. Ralph would train to be a registered Service Dog! But Ralph was obese. Ralph had difficulty running and could not jump in or out of a car. Within months his weight came down, and when his uniform harness arrived, complete with stylish patches, medical tag, and training registration cards… he wears them proudly. He trained in the area parks, along bike trails, even in the aisles of several local big box retailers. As summer opened up, Ralph became the star actor in hundreds of short videos and thousands of photos. Ralph travelled in a conversion van through 20 National Parks in just over 30 days, with myself and my two recent high school graduate sons, and their friend. Touring the DC complex, including the Lincoln Memorial, to Chicago, Ralph scaled the Badlands, visited Mt. Rushmore, observed Yosemite Falls, experienced Old Faithful and rode a sky tram to the top of the Grand Tetons at Jackson Hole. Always at our trusted side, Ralph trotted Bryce Canyon Hoodoo trails, and slogged through stream beds in Zion Park’s deep canyons. Ralph also took in the North Village Grand Canyon views before scoping out the Hoover Dam, passing through Las Vegas, walking among the Sequoias, and he awoke early to catch a sunrise at Yosemite’s Half Dome from Glacier Point (video included). An aspiring actor himself, Ralph even visited the Los Angeles Observatory and famous Hollywood hillside signage! Visiting the Santa Cruz beachside, Ralph walked the Golden Gate Bridge, along the San Andreas Park… and his coup de grâce? Ralph scrambled beyond the tree line of Mt. St. Helens! He and I watched and waited, as my sons and their friend scrambled all the way to the top and returned exhausted! Today, Ralph weighs a healthy, muscular 60 pounds, sprints with agility, climbs mountainous terrain, and hardly stops smiling! Afraid still of lake waters (we suspect he lived his first five years mostly indoors without much adventure), Ralph is learning to like swimming. Inspired by Ralph, I’ve also lost 25 pounds! Adventure is out there! Thank you Angel Ridge!



Parker’s world turned upside down when her owner suddenly passed away. All she had known her entire life was her human mom. When Parker arrived at the shelter, she was scared and withdrawn but it went much deeper. She’d look into the eyes of volunteers and not seeing her mom, she’d hiss. This sensitive cat was grieving, yes truly grieving the loss of her owner.

Parker went into foster where her personality blossomed. Parker made the cutest noises and carried on little conversations. She loved playtime – the laser light and stuffed mice are toys of choice. Parker began to really blossom and gain confidence.  

Parker had a meet and greet and even though she did not pay any attention to Erin and only came out from under the bed for 20 seconds or so Erin wanted to try and give Parker a home. She recently lost her 18 year old cat to kidney disease and said her house was way to empty. She lives alone and works from home. She was sympathetic to Parker’s story and all she had been through.  There was a room all set up for her but she escaped the first day. She hid under the couch and Erin moved all her stuff close to her. Eventually Parker ventured out and has slowly been making progress. . She will sit with Erin sometimes on the couch and on the bed at night. Erin can pet her and has even brushed her a few times. She says Parker is getting more snuggly every day.  I spoke with Erin yesterday and thanked her for giving Parker a chance and being so patient with her. Her response was to thank us for trusting her with Parker.


Seven year old Alvina was one of 13 cats left behind in a trailer park. Her owner moved suddenly and the family opened the door and left them outside to starve. Fortunately, all 13 were rescued by Angel Ridge Cat Volunteers over a period of several months. Alvina was immediately friendly and just wanted
to be loved. Above Alvina is enjoying a cuddle with her new Mom.

Yeti and Tiffany

Yeti and Tiffany were found at a Gas Station in South Park just sitting by the air pump. It appears that they were dumped. They were days old. Fortunately, an Angel Ridge Volunteer saw them there and rescued them. They went in to foster where they were bottle fed for weeks. They were so much fun and their best day was their adoption day. A wonderful ending for kittens that were just discarded like trash.


DUDDIE was rescued by a volunteer and arrived at the shelter one year ago today. He had scratches, scars and it was no surprise when he tested FIV+. One cruel human even attempted to end his life by slitting his throat. Despite his tough years outdoors, he was an incredibly sweet and affectionate boy. All the volunteers loved DUDDIE but one volunteer in particular took a special interest in him AND yesterday DUDDIE went to his forever home with her DUDDIE will never again want for food, shelter or love. Hell be cherished at his loving home!


In 2015, she was surrendered to Angel Ridge by an elderly couple. This couple found her outside sick, hungry and alone. They rescued her and loved her for many years but due to their failing health were unable to care for her. They gave her the unique name of ‘BRALIV’ a combination of ‘brave’ and ‘live.’ Her name is certainly fitting. She had a string of bad luck with adopters. BRALIV was adopted and returned to Angel Ridge four times! Through it all she still meowed happily when she saw a volunteer. After her breakfast, she waited to be petted and brushed. BRALIV had a sweet disposition and just wanted to be loved. In December 2020, a young Angel Ridge volunteer moved with family out of the area. BRALIV was this volunteer’s favorite. They had a bond and mutual love. With the blessing of her family, BRALIV found a permanent forever home with this volunteer and her family!


ELSA was rescued by Angel Ridge when her owner was evicted. The owner had dozens and dozens of unaltered cats living together in an overcrowded house. ELSA along with four other cats from that house arrived at the shelter. They were thin, sickly, one had an opened bite wound and most had upper respiratory infections. Initially they didn’t understand how to play with toys. ELSA was the youngest of the rescued cats. Volunteers showed her toys for the first time in her life. After a few times, she’d race around the shelter chasing a mouse on a string! But she was thin and needed time to heal. The harsh first three years of her life had taken a toll. She went into foster with a volunteer to recover and learn how to be a cat. Before long it became apparent that ELSA would be a foster failure! From her humble beginnings in unfit living conditions, ELSA is now living the good life and will be loved and spoiled the rest of her life!


PATCHES came to Angel Ridge from house where the owner was being evicted. She had nearly 20 cats living in unsafe conditions. The owner started out with good intentions rescuing stray cats but became overwhelmed. PATCHES was one of the many cats Angel Ridge rescued from that house. Despite his harsh living conditions, he was a friendly, social cat. After several weeks at the shelter, he found an absolutely awesome forever home. PATCHES hit the jackpot!