Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) charity for animals that is operated at Angel Ridge Farm, a 51-acre facility located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The following is the Mission Statement of Angel Ridge Animal Rescue.

1. To provide a permanent home and care for animals that are abandoned, aged, or handicapped with the ultimate goal of re-homing them. Animals who are not re-homed may live out their lives at Angel Ridge.

2. To provide outreach to the community : – In providing pet food donations and other assistance to those caregivers in economic distress or those undertaking the care of many stray or unwanted animals. – In providing advertisement and assistance in getting unwanted animals adopted through all of our community and media resources.

3. In providing speakers to schools and community groups on the topic of animal welfare and our stewardship to animals.


Our vision is a world where animals are neither neglected nor abused. Instead, they are recognized as essential and beloved companions for us on our journey through life.


Animal lntake

Dogs, cats and horses are accepted as space permits. Incoming animals are assessed by dedicated volunteers and staff for veterinary and behavioral needs. A plan is developed and implemented with the ultimate goal of a permanent adoption into a loving home.

Sharing Food with Animal Rescues in the Community

When ARAR opened its doors in 1999, our plan was to reach out to the public and private businesses so that we did not have to purchase the food for all of our rescued animals. Over the last two decades, we have been blessed to receive most of the food that we need from the community and private business. We are happy to share the food that we do not need for our animals with rescue organizations and individuals who are in need.

Speakers and Visits to our Rescue

With sufficient advance notice, we are pleased to provide a speaker who will do a presentation on responsible animal stewardship and the needs of our companion animals. Depending on the age range of the school or scout group, we can also set up a tour of our facility.