March 2018 Pet of the Month - Iris

I'm Iris

Lucky for me that caring people stepped in to save my life. I had a home for most of my 7 years,. Then my owners got a divorce and neither of them wanted to keep me, so they took me to a shelter and asked that I be euthanized. The shelter took me, but they had no intention of “offing” a nice girl like me who they recognized right away  as having many good years ahead of me. They also noted many of my other fine qualities including how sweet I am, the way I give away kisses to almost anyone, that I like to be petted by kids and I’m housebroken. What a package!

Even though a lot of people ask for younger dogs, they rarely recognize the indisputable fact that I can outrun and outwalk the vast majority. They don’t understand that a dog like me is easier to care for on a day-to-day basis because I do not have the same demanding needs of a young dog. 

There have been many inquiries about me and I’ve met a lot of potential adopters, but for some reason, nothing has completely clicked. Everyone loves me, but nobody has taken the final step to take me home.

At only about 40 pounds, I’ve even been picked up in the air with ease by some of the volunteers to see how I’d react. I just let them do it...after all, it is done with love. 

I visited with the cats to see how  and they don’t bother me at all. I also went to a Petco offsite with Michael – a playmate who has been adopted (lucky dog!), and they only take the cream of the crop to Petco!

So I’m asking...why not stop in to meet me? You will see that everything I mention here is true.