November 2018 Pet of the Month - Sonny

Brite 'n Sonny

Like an outta control freight train, I blew in from another locale and dusted the place up zooming from room to room in the adoption trailer choosing various toys to suit my mood.

I am an exceptionally affectionate boy. I’m only a year or so old with puppy written all over my expressive face. Lucky me that I wandered onto a farm porch many states ago and the woman who found me took a special interest in me, paid for my transport so I could have a nice shot at a great new home. 

From different angles, I look like a boxer, lab, terrier, bully...all rolled into one unique, sleek, black package. I know the basics...sit and stay and am highly motivated by treats ... perfect for training. My rambunctious streak is nothing new in a dog my age confined in a kennel. With a modicum of exercise and a little brush up on training, I would make an amazing companion for an active adult family or one with older kids.

email: if you are interested.