Our Gathering of Guardian Angels at Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

Angels at Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

We are deaf, blind, old, crippled and weak,
Confused, scared, uncertain and meek.
Once starved, neglected, beaten, cast off or over-bred;
At last we have food, shelter, veterinary care and a warm bed.

No longer do we have the fear of being euthanized,
Respect, love, kindness and health are now realized.
Freedom from being trapped in cages and tied out;
It&s a much happier life we now lead, without a doubt.

We are finally at a truly no-kill sanctuary, safe and sound;
Angel Ridge surpasses any abusive home, shelter or pound.
Some of us may eventually be adopted, some won't.
But, if you're feeling sorry for us, please don't.

Our forever home will be Angel Ridge Animal Rescue,
Where we will feel joy and we won't be blue.
"Guardian Angel" we hope you'll be,
It will make you feel good - it's a guarantee!

Yours truly,
The "Angels" in the Guardian Angel program

Many of our angels are permanent residents of Angel Ridge Animal Rescue. These are animals that are handicapped or very old. They would love to have their very own Guardian Angel. You can become a Guardian Angel to one of our little angels by sponsoring their care. For an annual sponsorship gift of $200/year, you can become an Angel Ridge Animal Rescue Guardian Angel. Your gift will be used to provide food and basic veterinary care for one of our deserving animals. Your sponsorship can be paid at one time or in quarterly gifts of $50. If you choose to send your gift each quarter, we will send you a reminder postcard.

Each Guardian Angel will receive a small, framed picture of their little angel. Our newsletter, which you will also receive, will keep you posted on their activities at Angel Ridge.


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Mickey the gold and white kitty is snuggling with his best friends. Twin and Mittens Mickey is about 9 years old and is one of our outdoor kitties. Mickey has ongoing eye issues which cause him pain and needs ongoing medical treatment. Please consider sponsoring Mickey so he can continue to get the best treatment possible


Mittens is one of our outdoor kitties and is as sweet as pie. She has lived at Angel Ridge for about 8 years. Mittens always comes running for her canned food and some loving when the volunteers arrive. Won't you consider sponsoring Mittens?


This handsome boy is Oreo
He is 5 years old and calls our outdoor colony home
Oreo has recurring respiratory infections which we treat 
He loves his canned food and almost lets us to pet him
Please consider sponsoring Oreo


Twin is a shy boy who is also about 8 yrs old and is one of our outdoor cats. Twin is allowing the volunteers near him now and is becoming more trusting. He can often be found hanging out with his best friends Mickey and Mittens. Please consider sponsoring Twin


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